What to do during a Menorcan getaway weekend

Menorca is a perfect destination for a weekend or short trip in low season. While you certainly could still enjoy the good weather to take a swim, the island offers plenty of different possibilities in autumn. We could start in Ciutadella, where a stroll around the old city is a “must”, losing yourself at the foot of the impressive manor houses built by wealthy families between the 17th and 19th centuries as a display of their power; you could also visit the sober but elegant Cathedral of Menorca. Paying a visit to the Naveta des Tudons archaeological site or any other site such as Torretrencada, with its huge taula, will take you back to the island’s prehistoric period, whose monuments are a candidate to become Human Heritage of the UNESCO. And at dinnertime, why not treat yourself to a taste of Menorcan cuisine at a restaurant with local and seasonal products?


The next day, you could continue visiting one of the many country farms where you can see how our famous cheese is made under the Mahón-Menorca protection of origin. Of course, you could take advantage and buy a hand-made piece to take back home. Then you could drive to Maó, whose astonishing natural harbour deserves a long walk and maybe a stop to eat at any of its array of excellent restaurants. By car, you can easily get to the fortress known as La Mola or Fortaleza Isabel II, one of the biggest and best-preserved 19th-century defence complexes in Europe. Both its history and the surroundings are breathtaking. In the evening, it is worth having a look at the entertainment programme in Maó to see if there might be a show at the Teatre Principal de Maó, the oldest opera theatre in Spain.


If you are lucky enough to have a third day to enjoy our little island, a good option would be to take the beautiful road that leads to the Cavalleria Lighthouse. At 94 metres above sea level, its visit will offer you panoramic views of an impressive section of the abrupt Menorcan northern coast and, if the weather is good enough, back in your car, you could stop and visit the beach with the same name, one of the island’s jewels. Then, you could go to the fishermen's village of Fornells to have lunch and then visit the Torre de Fornells, a defence tower dating back to the tumultuous 18th century, highlighted by several and successive British rules over Menorca.