There are many ways to enjoy Menorca’s seaside and beaches

Menorca’s perimeter is 216 kilometres of coastline and has more than 100 beaches and coves. Swimming in Menorca’s transparent waters, enjoying the sun and good weather, whilst lying on one of its beaches, is one of Menorca’s great attractions during the high season summer months. However, if you are thinking of spending a few days’ holiday on the island and renting one of our villas in order to ensure you get the full comfort and security one desires when travelling as a family, take note of the activities available to you in order to make the most of Menorca’s beaches and sea, or even discovering what’s hidden under the water’s surface.

A very simple way of doing this is by going snorkelling. A pair of goggles and a snorkel are enough to submerge oneself and contemplate the diversity of the underwater flora and fauna, the fields of Neptune grass or the rocky bottoms at beaches such as Cala Morell, to the north of Ciutadella, or Cala Viola, right at the heart of the Marine Reserve on the north coast. And, if you wish to experience going diving, there are also a number of companies offering this activity for all levels and enabling one to submerge right to the bottom of the sea; both beginners and more experienced divers can visit coves, caves and enjoy Menorca’s rich underwater life and heritage.

If you prefer being above water and enjoy sports, there are numerous options for you. With a kayak for example, you can go on an excursion alone, with your partner or as a group, and can reach many coves which are only accessible on foot or you can do an excursion to parts of the coast which offer a very different view of the cliff edges. The island also offers great conditions for windsurfing or small-boat sailing in the harbours at Ciutadella, Maó and Fornells.

The array of nautical activities one can find on Menorca also includes renting a boat, with or without a skipper, and living magical experiences such as watching the sun go down from the sea; or going on a boat excursion with drinks and a meal included, should you wish to enjoy a very nautical day out during your time on the island.